Celebrity Pack


Lashes that make a statement will give you a little celebrity status among your peers.

This glamorous twin pack will turn heads or break necks – designed for only the most audacious gals.

The perfect solution for ladies with deep set eyes.


– InstaFLIRT lashes
– InstaGLAM lashes
– 2 Full-size magnetic eyeliners

Each set of lashes comes complete with its own beautiful purse-sized box with the eyeliner inside for convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the eyeliner? Is it bad for me?

The key ingredient that makes our eyeliner special from regular liquid eyeliner is iron oxide which rates as a No.2 or Fair by EWG which means it does not cause cancer, it is non-toxic and does not typically cause allergic reaction even for people with sensitive skin. There are absolutely no parabens or heavy metals in our formula. There are no known side affects with our eyeliner.

How long will the lashes lash?

We would like to tell you that they will last you months on end but let’s face it, everyone has a different life style. Not every gal will handle them with the same level of care. Generally speaking, our lashes last 30-50x use. Some of our customers have been wearing our products for many months on a daily basis with careful handling and cleaning of the band/magnets.

How long with the liquid eyeliner last? Should I order extra?

We do not suggest that you order extra eyeliner as it can last a very long time. Since ALL of our magnetic lashes include a free full-size liquid eyeliner you will never run out.

Will it work with my eye type?

Unlike many of our competitors our lashes feature a very soft and pliable band that can easily mold to the shape of any eye. This means that virtually any of our magnetic lashes will work with your eye type. That being said, there are methods to achieve the look you desire. We wrote a very detailed guide on this in our blog >> Ultimate Guide to False Eyelashes

What if I need help finding the right lashes?

We want you to be happy with your lashes. If you have already read through our Ultimate Guide to False Eyelashes and still feel like you need some help please feel free to reach out to us on FB or IG messenger where one of our in-house designers will personally assist you absolutely free of charge>> FB: facebook.com/lashiquecanada IG: instagram.com/lashiquecosmetics


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