Lashique False Eyelash Applicator



This easy-to-use anti-static eyelash applicator will allow you to apply your false eyelashes like a pro. Made with surgical stainless steel and finished with a gorgeous rose gold plating.

How To Use

  1. Use the lash applicator to remove the falsies from the tray/box. Place the lashes on your own lashline.
  2. Using your eye, compare the lash band to your own lashline. Trim any excess if necessary.
  3. Grip the outer corner of the lash band with your applicator. Using your DUO brush-on glue, brush on a thin layer of glue along the entire length of the lash band. Let the adhesive rest for 20 seconds or until tacky before applying.
  4. Apply the lashes using the applicator to the center of your natural lashline aligning the edge of the band with the outer corner of the eye. Press down the outer and then inner sides of the bands if necessary.

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