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How To Apply False Eyelashes


4 Simple Steps to Apply False Eyelashes

Applying false eyelashes is actually really easy!

Before you start you might want to have the following tools handy:

  • Your Falsies 🙂
  • Lash Glue (We're using DUO Brush-on)
  • False Eyelash Applicator Tool (Regular square-edged tweezers will work just fine as well - just be careful not to poke your eye...ouch!)
  • Scissors
  • Mirror

In this demonstration we are using Soprano lashes from our Diva collection but the same principals will apply to any of our lashes and any other brand as well.

Step 1 - Remove Lashes from Tray

Your lashes are held to the tray using a dab of lash glue usually on the inner/outer corners and the middle. Make sure that you grab the band and not the lashes before you gently break loose the bond of the glue from the tray. 

If you pull from the lashes or have only partially grasped the band with your applicator or tweezers you could potentially break them so this step is actually quite important. Just be careful and you will be fine.

Once you have removed the lashes, we highly recommend that you remove any remaining glue from the band. This ensures that there is an even surface to apply the fresh lash glue. You can usually do this with your fingers but you might want to have your applicator or tweezers handy just in case.

TIP: If you are having troubles loosening the lashes from the tray look for an area of the band where there is no glue, get your finger nail or tweezers between the band and tray running the edge all the way to either side of the lash.

Step 2 - Measure & Trim

Get out your protractor, golden mean calipers and machine shop ruler... no just kidding 😛

Ever heard of eye-balling? That's all that is required here really.

Simply place the false eyelash on your natural lash line to judge whether you will want to trim down the lashes to fit your eye shape and size.

This step is not necessary for everyone. As you can see in the video, with my eyes I did not require any trimming. 

To trim you can either use regular household scissors from your kitchen or eyebrow/eyelash scissors like I used in the video.

Step 3 - Apply False Eyelash Glue

In this video we are using DUO Brush-on glue but the same principals apply to most eyelash glues.

Apply a thin layer of glue evenly across the band. Trust me when I say that less is more. This is why we like to use the DUO Brush-on glue because it comes with a brush built into the cap kind of like nail polish bottles for example. It makes applying an even and thin layer quite easy. FYI there are other brands that do the same now.

Once the lash glue has been applied simply wait 5-10 seconds for the glue to get tacky and then you're ready to apply the lashes!

Step 4 - Apply the False Eyelashes

Yay! You're ready to apply the lashes.

Don't panic, it's quite simple.

Note: Before you apply them we want to point out that for some beauties it will be necessary to keep the lash band a few milometers away from the tear duct, this is especially true if you tend to have sensitivities to lash glue or sensitive eyes and skin in general. I have big eyes and monolid (east-asian) eye type so for me I can place the band quite close to the inner corner.

Start by placing the lash at the centre of your eye as close as possible to your natural lash line. We want a good seamless and natural fit, right?

If you need to adjust, go ahead, you have time.

Once you are happy with the positioning, push in the inner and outer corners.

Et Voilà! You're done!

It will take a few minutes for the glue to cure so don't start doing victory jumping jacks around your house just yet!

If you are using DUO Brush-on you will notice that the glue never quite cures to a hardened state, it is always tacky. Don't worry, you didn't get a bad batch of glue. This is just how the product is.

I hope that this little tutorial has helped boost your confidence on how to apply false eyelashes. It really is an easy task and should only take you a minute or two once you are used to it.

By the way, if you enjoyed this you might want check out our new 2019 Ultimate Guide to False Eyelashes.

2 thoughts on “How To Apply False Eyelashes

  1. Hello
    The tutorial I watched is for lashes with glue.
    Is it the same with the magnetic lashes?

    1. Hi Tracy 👋

      The tutorial that you watched would be for strip lashes using glue only. The main idea is very similar with magnetic however the process is much easier – no glue, just apply liner to eyeline, let dry (~2 mins) and then apply the lash, done! You can remove them any time you’d like and reapply without fussing with any glue which is a big bonus. It also means that cleaning the lashes is much easier. We suggest that you dip a q-tip into make-up remover or rubbing alcohol & lightly swab the magnets to remove any residual eyeliner. It shouldn’t take more than few seconds.

      We are working on a tutorial video and will be posting it soon. I will send you a notification by email 📧 as soon as it is ready!

      -Yen 💖

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